Provided the vehicle is serviced and well maintained, a professionally tuned engine will not cause any technical faults. However, we are proud of the service we provide and so we back all of our standard remapping services with our triple-level protection; 30 day money-back guarantee, lifetime software warranty and 1 year mechanical warranty. Terms and Conditions apply.

When we complete any work, our advice is that you inform your insurance provider of the modifications to your vehicle. However, an increasing number of insurance companies recognise the positive impacts a professional remap can provide and are therefore choosing not to financially penalise customers for doing so.

Our remaps usually take around an hour from the moment we arrive to the minute we leave. However, we endeavour to be as flexible as possible and can often find ways to reduce this if you’re on a tight schedule. For example, the Simens SIMOS12/18 ECU’s found in most 8V Audi S3’s are very quick to read and write whereas the Delphi CRD3 ECU found in many new Mercedes C200 models can take over 2 hours due to having a long software read time. 

Chip tuning (also known as chipping) is essentially an older version of what remapping is today. The chipping process involves opening up the engine, removing the ECU and physically replacing the microchip on the board with a modified one. Alternatively, the modern-day remapping process involves accessing the ECU through the OBD port in the dashboard. Remapping is far more effective as it eliminates the potential risk of damage or failure to the ECU as the physical unit does not have to be opened. Thanks to our advanced equipment and software, we are now able to remap many vehicles that previously required chipping, leaving us with only a small handful of vehicles we are unable to safely modify via the diagnostics port.

Unlike many local competitors, Momentum files are custom written in the UK by our trusted software tuners. We are able to take data from your vehicle and design your new profile to your specifications to provide more power, better economy or a perfect combination of both. We don’t use generic or ‘off-the-shelf’ maps. This is what allows us to create pop and bang maps, hardcut limiters, rolling launch control and various other custom adjustments that other competitors simply cannot offer.

Yes we offer Stage 1, 2 and 3 remaps and everything in between. We can also source, supply and install most required hardware for our Stage 2 and 3 remaps. If you’re looking for more power than Stage 1, get in touch and we can generate a tailored quote for you.

Definitely not! We optimise your vehicles working parameters within the ECU without exceeding the safe working levels of the engine. We ensure the engine still operates within all the preset engine sensor limits and with full engine feedback control. Vehicles are designed to be faster and more efficient than when they leave the factory, we are simply unlocking this restricted power.

We usually work from anywhere around Ferndown, West Parley, West Moors, Poole, Bournemouth, Boscombe, Christchurch, Wimborne, Southampton, Wareham, Bere Regis, Swanage, Blandford, Highcliffe, Brockenhurst, Salisbury and the New Forest. We will also consider work outside of these areas upon request. In fact, we have recently worked in Sussex, Andover, Wiltshire, Weymouth and even London at the customers request!

If you don’t immediately see the savings, if you can’t instantly feel the extra power or if you aren’t completely satisfied in any way, we will refund your investment in full! Our custom software is the industry leader and our bullet-proof vehicle remapping is recognised throughout the UK for it’s reliability and safety. We currently have hundreds of happy customers and our portfolio is growing rapidly.

Of course! We keep every original and tuned map file in a secure archive and a RAID backup server, should you ever wish for your vehicle to be put back to its original parameters.

Some of our work may cross over between Momentum Tuning Ltd and Momentum Modified Ltd but don’t worry, just contact us using any form of communication for either company and we will ensure you are well looked after!

Are you looking for serious power upgrades? Or custom refinements on your remap? We offer a huge number of extras including launch control, cold start delete, pops and bangs, EGR/DPF delete and limiter adjustments or removal. For more information, check out the ‘Remapping Extras’ tab.

Are you interested in the remapping process? Or keen to know what we’re doing with your vehicle? We have £00,000’s of the best remapping equipment available and are happy to show you how it works from start to finish. For more information, check out the ‘Remapping Process’ tab.