Momentum have built strong relationships with various size businesses by reliably reducing their fleet running costs and protecting some of their most expensive assets. Our commercial fleet management solutions can protect your vehicles and increase fuel savings by adjusting torque levels to make more efficient use of gearing ratios and introducing RPM/speed limiters. Therefore protecting your business assets and significantly reducing overall running costs.

We understand that aggressive driving styles can adversely affect your operational costs in fuel, servicing and maintenance costs. Our commercial fleet management solutions can enforce a maximum efficiency driving style to ensure your running costs are kept to a minimum. We also design our upgrades to provide less wear on key components such as the gearbox which reduces servicing and maintenance costs as well as lost revenue whilst broken vehicles are being repaired! 

Ford Focus RS

From our experience, most commercial vehicles will see an increase of 20% in fuel economy with our software recalibration. Based on a 2016 2.2 TDCi Ford Transit Custom, the average stock MPG is 40.4 MPG which would conservatively increase to 48 MPG with our upgrade. Based on this and fuel prices of £1.45 per litre, 10,000 miles per year would cost £1631.64 with a stock vehicle or £1371.30 with our remap. That’s a saving of £260.34 per annum which would cover the remap cost in less than a year. Based on this, if that vehicle travels 50,000 miles per year the savings would be over £1300.00 per year for each vehicle in addition to reduced servicing and maintenance costs!

We understand that our statements can seem too good to be true, which is why we offer a 7 day trial of our product for FREE before you pay us a penny! We’ll create a custom written file for one vehicle of your fleet and you’ll get a whole week to test it before deciding if you’d benefit from new software files for your entire fleet. When you choose Momentum, you’re not taking a risk!

We understand that down time can be considerably costly in a commercial environment, that’s why we’re on your side. We can work any time of the day or even during the night, so that your vehicles are always available when you need them. We can even complete the job in small chunks if it makes it easier to manage. Just let us know what you require and we’ll do our best to make it work.

As with our personal customers, you’ll still receive our industry-leading triple-level protection package for every vehicle which includes a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, 1 Year Mechanical Warranty and Lifetime Software Warranty.

We will travel to you and install a custom map onto one vehicle of your fleet (including any extras such as speed or RPM limiters) and let you test it out for a whole week completely free of charge. This allows you to monitor the test vehicle to see how well it performs over the trial period. After the week we will arrange to discuss the trial. If you are convinced that our software will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your fleet, we can then arrange to have similar bespoke software installed on the rest of your fleet.

Did you know we also offer 0% finance through Klarna? When booking, just mention to your technician that you’d like to finance your payment and we’ll send you all the details. We can also accept bank transfer, cash and card payments too and you’ll always receive a full invoice for your records.

Want to know what we have to offer? It’s no secret that there are hundreds of tuning companies all over the country. However we offer a high level of quality, assurance, customer service and aftercare that is unmatched by our rivals. On top of our amazing service, our prices are also very competitive.